Saturday, January 10, 2015

Transcending Low Frequencies

With all the current strife going on, it can be very tempting to just throw up ones arms and go to bed in depression.  And sometimes the only sensible thing to do is to stop and rest.
However, there IS something one can do to rise above the relative chaos. 

"The only way out is the way in."  You may have heard this before. This means that your suffering won't end by trying to change the circumstances around you.  The way to end suffering is to realize that the "sufferer" doesn't exist.  In other words, when you really inquire into "who" is suffering, there is no one there!  So what's going on?  The "suffering" is simply a sensation, a movement of energy, a feeling or a thought. But when you really dive into that suffering, what you discover is that everything is a movement of energy and it all comes and goes.  "This too shall pass."  Upon inquiring, the whole problem dissolves.  

One way to bring up your vibration quickly is to practice the following little exercise that Mooji recommends: 

When there is suffering, there is resistance to "what is". Instead of fighting what is,  just stop and move from the head back into the heart.  Then peace will return.  Try it. You CAN do it.  Suffering IS optional.

Even little squirrels do this.

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