Thursday, January 17, 2013

Suffering Is Optional

  It's common for people to claim that they are suffering from a "broken" heart. Perhaps a lover leaves, a son dies, a cherished pet makes their transition. Regardless of the circumstances, if you really look at that statement and inquire, you will see that it falls apart... ie. it's just not possible.  Test it for yourself.  Go back in time to when you believed this to be true for you and locate that feeling inside.  Your heart was broken... is that true?  You might say, "well, it sure feels that way!".  It feels that way because you believe it. Belief is what makes something out of nothing. 
   Now just for a moment, in the midst of this uncomfortable feeling, just be there without the thought.  Just be there, relaxed, without focussing your attention on anything.  Are you OK?  Of course!  Everything is just fine.
  If you really look at the times when you are suffering, what's really going on is you just don't like what's on your plate in the moment.  That's all that suffering is... a resistance to what is. You are not getting your way!  
   But how else could we realize that God is everything, God is good, if we didn't get the chance to experience everything!  Maybe the problem is not in what's happening.
Maybe the problem is in labeling what's happening! This is good... this is bad.... I like this... this really sucks... and on and on.

   Test it for yourself. For just one day... don't label anything.  Don't label or describe a feeling or emotion, a sensation in your body, or any thought that floats in.  Just notice it and let it be there. Experience it without describing it. Just rest in the spaciousness that is always present: the awareness that includes everything. 
   If you really follow this practice, you will find out that what happens to us doesn't make us suffer, but rather our perception of what happens results in suffering.  With the story,  there's suffering, and without the story, no suffering!
   Here's Mooji's answer to the question: "What can I do to fix a broken heart?" ~  

Who are you without your story of suffering?
Just love.