Friday, October 21, 2011

Everything is All Right!

I have been reading a beautiful text written by Candice O'Denver. It is called
It is a soothing, wonderful book because
it reaffirms over and over the great truth that
we are already free;
that there is no mountain you have to climb
in order to arrive at freedom.
The many gurus that have realized this
and share in satsang
are all saying the same thing in various ways.
Here are a couple excerpts from The Basic State:

"To chase after perceptions and strive to correct them is as futile as the sky chasing the sky. All fixed descriptive frameworks appear where there is no openness to the sovereignty of the basic state. These ideologies see human beings as flawed and trapped within the determinism of contributing factors such as natural selection. Within these outlooks there is no recognition of, or support for, the natural perfection of the basic state that is intrinsic to being human."

"Yet the naturally perfect basic state is very exacting. In the basic state, there is found increasing mental stability, spontaneous empathy, sympathy and happiness. These are already present but go unnoticed when it is believed that they must be cultivated or that they simply appear at random. Compassion, clarity, perfect insight and complete mental stability are the norm for human beings rather than a rarity. To assume otherwise is tragic because it destines perception to whatever limitation or restriction is believed.
The starting point for understanding the true nature of the phenomenal world is the basic state, continually at rest in equipoise, clarity and insight. This is the exalted height of human intelligence."

We have been looking at ourselves and humanity through the lens of misperception. It's all been a simple misunderstanding...
Listen below as Mooji talks about this in the following video: