Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The New Paradigm is NOW

Have you noticed? 
All the amazing shifts that are happening right now on planet earth? There are literally thousands of grassroots groups making a difference in our world. My logo above describes three of the most powerful methods on the planet for "waking from the dream".

The Oneness movement includes the Oneness blessing and the Oneness meditations. This transfer of energy gives the recipient an experience of their essence~ loving presence! According to the most recent statistics, 

People Awakened are over 71,000
People living in the presence are over 130,000
People in Awakened states are over 45 million
People experiencing the presence are over 86 million

The Work of Byron Katie is a very simple process of inquiry 
that will unravel the most nagging thoughts and give you
 an experience of your true nature~ kindness!  

I love this video! A wonderful example of a woman living in the new paradigm~ nonduality!

 The third amazing leg of my logo says, "REST".
Candice O'Denver started the movement known as Balanced View many years ago after her realization.... that I already AM what I am searching for ~ LOVE! Today there are over 6000 BV communities all over the globe resting in short moments and demonstrating a peaceful way to occupy an ever changing world!  Here she is below with 
one of my favorite messages: 

Candice talks about the "education in the nature of mind"
that is now available to everyone on the planet! Certainly there
is simply no reason to not wake up!  WOW! What an exciting 
time to be living in!  We all signed on for the "COSMIC PARTY"!
Grab your party hats and listen to this awesome environmentalist, Paul Hawken as he adresses a huge audience at a TED event:

We are the ones we've been waiting for! Party on family!  And if you're not in the party mood yet, feel free to contact me for a session!