Saturday, September 22, 2012

Walk Without Crutches!

   I am in the midst of reading a beautiful book of satsangs by Mooji called, Breath of the Absolute.
His words are so direct and pure... I think they could wake up a stone post!
     He says,

     "Life - the way you know it - teaches you to walk with crutches and yet you're completely healthy. Throw away the crutches and dance! What are the crutches you depend on? Notions such as 'I am not free' or 'I'm bound by my circumstances and conditioning'."
     "I say, remove all doubts and then you in turn can be an ambassador to your own Freedom. You take this Freedom wherever you go and are the Light unto your Self.
   Every human being speaks from a place of doubt, some crisis, some trouble, some worry. What is missed is that all of it is due to misidentification. It is you, the Beingness - the Absolute in manifestation - that appears to have fallen into some confusion. This confusion is the product of your own 'maya'. You have fallen under the spell, the hypnosis of your own projections and are suffering from that delusion. All that's required is a slap to awaken you - the Beingness - out of this stupor. This is what satsang is for."

   And even with the multitude of awakened beings sharing their experiences and pointers with others, still there are many people immersed in their suffering.
   Listen to this beautiful video taped at one of the Abraham-Hicks conferences. This one discusses this penchant some humans have for focussing on crises rather than  well-being. I personally love what she says about the maturity of the animals... (at approx. 6:45" - 7:45")

   Are you ready to wake up yet? In a blog I follow, Truthless Truth, there was a wonderful comment by a reader that refers to the role that Grace plays in this process of awakening. Her comment was:

"I would only add that while we are self-inquiring, the added element of Grace cannot be excluded - which some say is the all important element...

A final teacher works in two ways - through the transmission of Silence which is Grace which is Love which is Clarity which is Compassion, etc., etc., but also through the inquiry process...  It's not purely a mechanistic deliverance...

Many teachers can act as facilitators of awareness and many beautiful methods can be taught - yet the student's metamorphosis remains illusive...

I would argue that the critical difference here is the Grace - the Presence - the Love - that comes through Divine Mind.. when mortal mind or ego has vacated the premises.. this is the true facilitator.

    I love this comment because it supplies the missing piece... the magical and elusive gift of Grace! That is what is transmitted via the Oneness Blessing and the Oneness Meditations that are coming from the Oneness University these days!  If you haven't experienced a Oneness Blessing, feel free to contact me and I would be happy to share this Divine transfer of Grace in person!
    Listen below as one of the monks from the Oneness University explain this phenomenon. Following, you will receive a transmission of Grace from Sri Bhagavan! Enjoy! 

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