Sunday, November 3, 2013

Leave Everything Alone

"The advice is to leave everything alone.
Don't even try to figure anything out
and it will figure itself out.

Just 'close shop'; close up business in a way.
Bring everything into that space
and rest in that neutrality."

Here in the West, we seem to always be busy "doing". We get caught up in doing things to feel better, to get healthier, to make money, to learn things, and on and on.   

All this is fine, but everything that we can achieve will pass away. Everything we can create will disappear in time. 
Only awareness remains unchanged.  

But how does one realize perfect peace… bliss… enlightenment? How does one become established in what is unchanging? How do we realize our true identity?

In a recent satsang in St.Petersberg, 
Mooji gave the answer to this question….

Awareness remains unchanged.  
That is truth.
That is God.
That is the timeless.
That is WHO we are.
Wearing the garment of time;
for this season, called a lifetime…
it has always been like this.
Don't be afraid!
WHO you are can never perish!

While there is time… find the timeless!
While the body is warm… recognize the eternal.
You don't have to leave this room…
you don't have to go anywhere. 
"IT" will not be "there".
"IT" is here in the core of your being.
"IT" hears these words.
The angels of your being dance with joy
to see your mind set free from delusion.
WHO resists this?
For whom is there doubt?
Introduce the doubter!

How to do this?
It's not a "doing"…
It's a recognizing.
Stay as awareness;
It's already here!

Om Shanti Shanti Om

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